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Alert Event in title

Event Log Extension for AnyFileBackup (Formerly Event Log Extension for Network File Monitor) Event Log Extension - makes alerts and actions on Windows event logs events.
Size: 211 KB
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event monitor log event log monitor event monitor  
Event Proofs Create Multi-option Multi-catergory Shopping Cart Sites
Size: 1.56MB
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Event Alarm Monitor and audit Windows event logs, including ETV and EVTX, and Syslog files.
Size: 15.91MB
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file hider Network Security Software  
Event Scroller A scrolling calendar of events for your website.
Size: 14.8 MB
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customize enhance scroller event simulation  
The Big Event A useful event coordinator and manager
Size: 1.04MB
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organizer manager event event manager event organizer  
External Event A module that responds to external events, uses WIN32 event objects
Size: 67 KB
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check Module SynthEdit Module SynthEdit pulse width  

Alert Event in tags

IL Reminder remind you of important events at a specific time.
Size: 158 KB
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event reminder reminder remind time remind events  
Birthday Alert Get an alert when your set event date is imminent.
Size: 531.33K
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set alert Event Date Event Alert set date Alert Event  
Extreme surebet money maker Calculates opportunities with highest individual odds and alert on shure win event.
Size: 1.5 MB
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Bet Gambling gamble Event Alert sports bet Bet manager  
Blaser Emergency Alert Messaging System When an alert is sent, all computers instantly display the full-screen alert message ? regardless to what the user is doing. Runs as a system service- no one needs to be logged-on. Send alert messages
Size: 2.5 MB
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Alert audio alert Alert Watcher VT Trader Alert  
Event Photo Viewing and Orders Event Order provides your Customers with One Screen processing with all the functions required to select Event Photos and associated packages for on-site ordering. Event was designed for ease and secu
Size: 4.8 MB
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Event Handler event scheduler event book event track event  
Bulk SMS Software Ex Mobile text messaging software compose and sends unlimited number of text messages which include invitation, event alert & notification, business meeting details, promotional campaigns etc from us
Size: 930.0 KB
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text to number invitation management  

Alert Event in description

Kith and Kin Birthday Alert The Kith and Kin Birthday Alert was designed to be an add-on program for registered users of "Kith a...If an Event is found a window pops up to remind you about it. If no events are found the program clo...
Size: 1.7 MB
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Alert event reminder birthday reminder reminder birthday  
SchedTimer You can choose to enter a description that shows up on the Alert. While the event is running, you can see the progress in the left-most column as a pseudo-clock that fills up. If you stop an event bef...
Size: 217 KB
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schedule scheduler event firefox addon schedule event  
Uptime Alerter Command-Line uptime /host=[machine] /Copy /only /nodisplay /noEvent /help /? /host=[machine] - define which machine to check, Default is local /alert - Alert to Event log if over Threshold /week=x - Threshold for ...
Size: 13KB
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pic monkey photo unzip command line opera 2012 phone  
Count Down Timer X Editor's review: This is a software tool that can be a down counting timer timing an event or can be used for generating an Alert leading to an event. [b]Count Down Timer X[/b] is a desktop utility wh...
Size: 1.9 MB
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Desktop Alert Mass Notification Systems event or situation. This is a fairly new concept being driven by, among other entities, the United States Department of Defense. Desktop Alert Systems eliminate logjam logistics such as unread slow or...
Size: 345K
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desktop alert instant alert technology content delivery  
FXNewsAlert FX News Alert is a free desktop application for Windows, that sounds an alarm when a Forex news event is about to occur. You can remind yourself ahead of any event by selecting an alarm time or mute i...
Size: 5.24MB
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